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Stress Relief In Your Home: Bring The Outside In


Some other great ideas to consider are the following:
Traditional "cabbage chintz" patterns.
Caribbean patterns.
Indonesian patterns.
Hawaiian-style tropical prints.
Softer, more subtle Laura Ashley style patterns.

You will need a good sense of coordination to pull off layering of florals, patterns and stripes, so ask for help.

You can ask fabric companies to show you selected combinations of floral designs and complementary stripes, plaids and solid colors as whole groupings. This will simplify your task.  Find these presentations in home decorating sections of large hardware stores or in fabric stores that specialize in home decor.

Select simple, understated window treatments to frame your view to the outdoor garden and to help bring the outdoors in. Choose from neutral hues, muted and not bold.
To help define the seating area in your room look for area rugs of sisal, coir, jute or synthetic materials that replicate natural fibers. Ask the carpet stores to make you rugs that have borders to complement the colors you'll use in your upholstery and drapes.
Finally, no relaxation room will be complete without a generous display of live plants and flowers. They're the final touch that brings the realistic impression of having your outdoors flowing to the inside.

Fill your relaxation room with everything that you love and enjoy best.  Stock up on good books, board games, a great music system – anything that are synonymous with rest and calm.  Make this your special room and you will have a lovely retreat to go to whenever you need to most.


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