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Stress Management: Random Examples

Have you ever wondered how your next-door neighbour was taking care of his stress? Or maybe you have wondered about how your child’s third grade teacher was taking care of her stress?

Here are Three Random Examples of How Everyday People Deal with Stress:

Random Response #1

1. Stand ready to reassess a misunderstanding with a colleague.

2. Don't let the behaviour of unreasonable people get to me.

3. Take at least one good holiday a year.

4. Always keep an external focus by thinking about how my work can best help others.

5. Always thinking ahead to plan to anticipate inevitable upsets as well as prepare for those high pressure events.

6. Try to see the funny side of life, at all times. Even during those awful times.

7. I never drink, eat or shop to relieve stress.

8. I always cultivate a cohesive team at work. This means a successful team that takes pride in the results it achieves, has a high morale, and with less stressed individuals.

9. I always listen to a tape or mini-disc of favorite tracks and listen to it at times of high pressure.

10. I close my eyes and replay my memory of a particular event that was most meaningful to me. I replay this same event over and over.

Random Response #2

1.  I always get up very early in the morning to have a relaxed start to the day. I soak in bubble bath and gather my thoughts and plan for the coming day.

2. I build good relationships with my staff. We share problems.

3. Talk with my colleagues on a regular basis. I am a good listener.

4. Delegate responsibilities with consideration.

5. I laugh, laugh, and laugh, with everybody.

6. I wine and dine with my friends on a regular basis.

7. I have somebody come over to clean my entire house and do my ironing.

8. I indulge in water color painting and listen to Rachmaninov concerts played at full volume.

9. I do gardenning, which I love.

10. I ride and mess about with my horses daily.


Random Response #3

 • I am in love!
 • I expose myself to my favorite form of comedy and I have a good belly laugh for as long as possible.
 • I do a physical workout that makes me sweat hard for at least an hour, preferably two. The ensuing endorphin release makes me feel much less stressed.

 • I don't eat or drink to relieve stress, but a little herbal assistance is relaxing ...  Try some herbal essences in the bath.

 • I listen to music that makes me wonder at the beauty of it. The Ramones or Motorhead does it for me every time.

 • I go for some close contact stress relief ... I use some essential oils.
 • I strive to help someone who is having a hard time with something. Cliché as it is, doing good stuff for others helps to relieve stress.
 • I mentally relive my happiest time, indulging in the actual feeling of the happiness experienced, not the reality of it being gone.
 • I go for a full body massage. Darkness, mood sounds, aromatherapy etc, with joint clicking lasting at least a full hour. Thai massage is good.

 • I indulge in the unconditional love of an animal companion.

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