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Self Therapy For Recurrent Daily Stress

It is all well and good when you can get away to a wonderful Spa or Retreat.  There are many good ones located throughout the world.  You can even find a great day Spa locally.  These are all great remedies for everyday stress.

Another great remedy and a more practical idea for everyday stress is to practice self-therapy.

Here are a few great suggestions that you can start with straight away:


Great for an aching back and muscle tension

Begin by massaging some essential oils or peppermint lotion into your feet.  Work those thumbs slowly as you move up the arch. In terms of Reflexology, this area on your feet will correspond with the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine area, respectively.

FYI: The tips of your toes correspond to your sinus region.
Treat yourself to wide, sweeping movements, working your way up and down your entire foot area.  As you land on your toe area, spend some time kneading and massaging with purposeful motions. 

TIP: Apply a good amount of pressure for best results. 

Cover each and every tiny spot on your feet and toes until your whole body responds with a tingling sensation.  Now switch with your friend and work your way to your back!


Great soothing workout for your mid-section

Wearing loose, baggy clothes, retreat to a quiet place and then softly close your eyes. Exhale any of the old, stale air from your lungs and then place your hand below your navel and rest.

Take in deep breaths, slowly, through your nose and feel your belly begin to expand. As you breathe out, imagine that you are exhaling through your ribcage all the way around. Now repeat this in the same way as you imagine inhaling and exhaling through the kidneys or your mid-lower back.

FYI: When you breathe deeply and purposefully, this is called "belly-breathing."  This oxygenates your tired blood and helps you to focus better. 

You experience a "calm" signal inside and this diminishes all stress so that you can breathe more easily.


For the Multi-Tasker in all of us

You can only be so efficient in your lifetime when your little, inner child starts to call you out to play.  Just how serious can life be, after all?

Make a point to get down on all fours and play with your kids sometimes!  Grab the silly putty and make some cute little critters.  Get the slinky out and remember what awe you felt when you first saw that thing jiggle its way down your stairs!

Make today the first day for your new outlook.  Give yourself permission to feel a new sense of adventure.  Get those travel magazines out and decide with your husband where you will go next and then start planning and saving!

Do something daring and especially do something that will make you want to just laugh your head off!

Do this and you will instantly release tension.  Remember that all of this positive play will boost endorphins and increase your "feel-good" factor.

FYI:  LOTS of creative play is what is needed to support optimal wellness for your body-mind and spirit.


A very effective 5 minute relaxation exercise for people on the go

It’s time to tense up!  Purposefully clench every muscle in your body, including your fists, abs, teeth, cheeks, shoulders, ears and even your toes!

Hold on to the tension for a full 10 seconds.

Slowly begin to release each muscle one at a time.

As you inhale think of joy, peace, love and friendship.

As you exhale, think of those things that cause you stress, one at a time and just let them all go.

FYI: When you visualize the things that you love as well as what causes you stress and then associate that with relaxation breathing, you are cleansing your body of the negative and filling it with the positive.

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