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Self Therapy For Recurrent Daily Stress

Looking for a good night's sleep

If you toss and turn at night, unable to empty thoughts from your mind, the contents of a busy day, this is a great relaxation exercise for you!

 Bring a note book to your bedside.

 Turn on slow, soft-sounding music.

 Lie quietly and as thoughts come in to disturb your solace, write them all down.

When you are ready to fall asleep, you will have cleared all of the noisy thoughts and clatter from your busy day that would serve to steal your sleep from you.  Writing it all out helps you to empty your mind of it.

Reread all of your notes making a mental note to release all your cares down a sea of care.  Envision each of your worries out on a raft about to hit the waterfall.  Watch as the raft is eaten up by the falls and so goes your worries.

Return to your peaceful sleep listening to your music. You will slowly fall asleep in peace...

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