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Powerful Tools For Everyday Stress Reduction : 2

Stress Busting Tip #4

Often when we are overloaded with stress in our lives, we want to just give up.  We must however always hope for something better!  When we give up, our fight-or-flight seems to just fizzle and we become caught up in a maze of unfortunate events. But you can take control today! Isolate only one stressor in your life and then work on it until you can regain control. Through your stress, always try to be hopeful. Being hopeful is a quiet confidence that in time, all will be well.  Write out a plan about how you will work on just one major problem in your life.  Write it out step-by-step.  Make an action plan about how you will tackle each of those points. Gradually, as you begin to work on your problems, you will start to see that there is hope.  You must believe that, otherwise, you will feel defeated before you even begin. To actualize that hope, sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Take your mind to a place that appeases you. Try to feel every one of your muscles begin to relax. Command each muscle to relax. Constrict and then relax each of your muscles. Keep a beautiful picture in your mind. Imagine that you are a part of that beautiful picture and keep imagining it. As you work on your problems you will become that beautiful picture. And soon your life will too. Sit back and relax, breathe deeply and see only that beautiful picture. See all of your most pressing problems resolved. See how you will work to resolve each of your problems.

When you sit up from your relaxed state, write out how you will tackle the problems you have just seen in your mind whilst relaxing positively.

Then, you can begin to go about doing what you have written one step at a time. The ability to relax, meditate, imagine and plan to resolve a problem is a proven stress buster.

You can take control of each and every problem in your life that causes you undue stress. You can actually make the stress work for you!

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