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More Excellent Remedies For Daily Stress

Take up a Relaxing Hobby

Spend an afternoon at your local craft store and choose a new hobby. A good hobby that really interests you will breathe new life into your days.  You will feel more relaxed and will also enjoy having a new interest.  Whether you choose painting, playing an instrument, knitting, or even kite flying, choose something that will encourage calm and serenity within you.


Try a Relaxing Form of Eastern Meditation such as Tai Chi For Example

Take time to focus from within and you will cultivate a spirit of self-control over the anxiety-ridden external world.

Take a good book to bed with you every night and spend 30 minutes relaxing before you turn off the light.  This will be calming for you and as you close yours eyes each night remind yourself of all your blessings.

Give Lots of Hugs, Kisses and Love Daily

Even on your busiest days, stop and hug and kiss someone who is very special to you.  Your children, most of all, need to know how much they mean to you.  A show of affection can go a long way.

Spend time each day with your beloved pet.  Studies have shown that when we care for an animal we release anxiety and tension in a natural way.

Spend some quality time with your spouse.  Remember those special times with your him/her before the children came along.  Nurture moments with just the two of you and you will begin to feel relaxed, naturally.


Replace Your Uncomfortable Office Chair with an Ab Ball

Next time you leave to go to your office, stop first into a fitness store and buy an Ab Ball.  This ball will allow your core muscles to have a great wake up call.  Just sit on your Ab Ball and then bounce on the spot!  You will feel instantly refreshed and your co-workers might even want to do the same!

Just as it is time for you to have your lunch, first bounce on your Ab Ball to get your gastric juices going!  You will firm up your body in no time and best of all you will have fun whilst doing it!


Breathe in the Gift of Life

We can all go for weeks without a crumb of food, days at a time without water, but, we can only go for minutes without good, pure oxygen.

The average person breathes very shallowly and this makes it almost impossible for you to be relaxed.

Sit yourself down, purposefully, and take in a slow deep breath in through your nose until you have properly filled up your lungs.
Hold in the air in for a moment and then very slowly exhale through your lips. Breathe deeply in this way for 4 - 5 times, a few times a day.

You will feel instantly refreshed!

Listen to Your Favorite Music

As much as possible, always set your mood with background mood music.  Some like traditional blues, some like jazz.  Try the newer nature sounds, so you can be working to background sounds of tin pans, flutes and ocean waves crashing onto the beach.  Whatever you choose, make sure it relaxes and does not energize you.  There is a time to be energized and a time to relax.  For relaxation, select mood music over rock and roll or hip hop.


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