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Building Awareness Of How We Think : 2

On the other hand, if this was just a one time thing for you, you could easily tell yourself that your feelings are not warranted and your kids would understand that you wanted to bake but simply could not at the time.  There will be plenty of other school functions that you will be able to help out with.

The key to rational thought is to clarify and identify the truth and underlying thoughts and feelings.  Once you do this, you will be better able to deal with any stress that results.

Left with actual negative feelings and thoughts, you are now warned to take appropriate, and if need be, immediate action to ward off any subsequent stress.

Lastly, affirm those thoughts positively and feelings that turned out to be less than negative.

For example:

I felt inadequate, however, I no longer do.  I now realize that I do participate when called upon by my kid’s school to contribute, unless I am unable to help at that time.  I will continue to help out to the best of my ability and when time permits.

So long as you mean what you write (and speak it out verbally) you will feel the stress leaving your body and mind as you state the positive and rule out the negative.

Go through your entire Stress Diary in the same way and you will feel a lot more relaxed and be less apt to write similar entries into your Stress Diary the next time around.

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