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A Targeted Relaxation Technique


A Quietening Exercise For The Mind And Body

Once you have learned to hold your relaxed state for a whole fifteen to twenty minutes, you are ready to progress to an even higher level of relaxation.

Look for the following physiological/psychological signs of relaxation to know you are ready to reach a higher level:

 > A feeling of heaviness in the muscles/you are unable to move.
 > A sensation of warmth coming from your hands or feet flowing towards the  central core of your body.
 > A tingling vibration throughout your extremities.
 > A sense of detachment or void in thoughts as they flow through your stream of  consciousness.


Higher Level of Relaxation Exercises

Take two, four-count, easy breaths, slowly.

As you inhale your first breath say to yourself, “Leave my body out of this!”

As you exhale your first breath, smile inwardly to yourself.
As you inhale your second breath choose two muscles groups (jaw  and shoulders) and relax them as you exhale your second breath.

Repeat this as much as twenty to thirty times every day, each time you even begin to feel the least stress.

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